Tar and Chip Paving Easton

Tar and chip paving, also known as chip sealing, is an excellent alternative to asphalt and other materials that are more expensive. At Easton Paving Contractors, we proudly offer tar and chip paving throughout Easton MD. We offer this service to our commercial and residential paving clients. When you want to hire the best tar and chip contractors near me, consider using our services. We help you reduce the costs associated with paving your driveway, roadway, or even parking lot, through tar and chip paving. If you want to hire a top rated paving company, you can turn to the professionals on our team. Locally owned and operated, choose us for reliable service.  

Best Tar and Chip Paving Company 

Tar and Chip Paving Easton MD

At Easton Paving Contractors, we are well known for our fair pricing and our excellent customer service. Whether you need asphalt or tar and chip paving, we have your back. Tar and chip paving, or chip sealing, is similar to asphalt but it uses a combination of hot liquid asphalt cement, hot tar, and gravel as a binder for the surface. This binder structures the tar and chip correctly so you can drive across the surface with minimal risk. However, unlike asphalt, tar and chip is assembled on site, instead of offsite.  

There are many uses for tar and chip. For example, our residential clients reach out to us to have tar and chip paving added to their personal driveway or roadway. The price point of tar and chip makes it a great alternative for individuals who no longer want a gravel roadway or driveway but don’t want to invest in cement or asphalt.  

Another use for tar and chip paving is in the commercial niche. Our team of paving contractors is happy to provide tar and chip solutions for commercial businesses who need it for their parking lot or for HOAs who are looking for a great solution for their neighborhood. Transforming a dirt or gravel roadway into a polished, attractive, tar and chip surface is a great decision for businesses and HOAs alike.  

Benefits of Choosing Tar and Chip Paving in Easton MD 

Tar and Chip Paving Easton MD

While you are already aware of how affordable tar and chip paving can be, you might be less aware of some of its advantages. Before you make the decision to go with this option, it’s best to be informed.  

At Easton Paving Contractors, we like tar and chip paving because it offers the following benefits:  

-Requires little to no maintenance! 

Unlike asphalt and cement, tar and chip is virtually maintenance free. Thanks to its texture and structure, it rarely falls victim to potholes and cracks.  

-It makes a great cover up tool for damaged asphalt.  

If you are tired of maintaining your asphalt, then it might be time to make the switch to tar and chip.  

-Customized options are available.  

If you want a specific look for your driveway, roadway, or even parking lot, you can request a specific type of rock aggregate to go over the top of your tar. This creates an attractive finish you’ll love.  

Give us a call to learn more about tar and chip sealing for your property.  

Receive Your Free Tar and Chip Estimate 

When you are ready to consider tar and chip for your property in Easton MD, give Easton Paving Contractors a call and we’ll provide you with a no obligation free estimate!